ABOUT USWaste Landfills Company Limited (WLCL)

One aspect of the waste management value chain ignored by our urban managers has been waste disposal. Currently, over 3 billion people across the globe have no access to waste disposal, according to a 2021 United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) report. The situation poses grave public health and environmental externalities, with inhabitants of emerging economies being the hardest hit
despite efforts are made to expand waste collection services over the years, proper planning and investment in responsible and environmentally friendly disposal and treatment options remain less prioritized. Cities continue to rely on abandoned stone quarries and similar landscapes to serve as final disposal sites.
As the cities expand, these quarries become part of the urban space and, therefore, close to human settlements. Such developments have adverse socio-economic and environmental implications.
Landfilling remains the cheapest method of waste disposal as compared to other alternatives available. Therefore, investing in sanitary landfills that integrate environmental and social protection in the design, construction and management makes the technology a sustainable option.
In the light of this, WLCL works with requisite technical expertise, managerial competences and resources to support government and local authorities to develop, operate and maintain disposal sites responsibly. At WLCL we prioritize environmental sustainability and value-addition to the waste management value chain by exploring all end-use options for the waste generated by the population.


To achieve our vision, we place environmentally friendly waste disposal options at the very heart of our business, along with a strong focus on providing excellent service to our customers.


To be the most trusted partner in excellent waste disposal solutions delivery.





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Our Objectives

  • To handle and dispose of all collected municipal solid waste at our final disposal sites.
  • Place the environment and safety in all aspects of our business.
  • Provide excellent customer service in other environmental sanitation services that we offer.
  • Attract and develop people as professionals to actualize the objectives of the company.
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